UKForex Exchange London, UK

ukforex exchange

Since its launch in 2005, UKForex has focused on providing a smarter, online alternative to existing currency exchange services. UKForex is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the OzForex Group, one of the world’s largest online international money transfer providers.

UKForex Address:

1st Floor
85 Gracechurch Street,
United Kingdom,

UKForex Phone number:

Personal Transfers: +44 207 614 4194   Business Transfers: +44 207 614 4195    Fax: +44 207 614 4180

General Enquiries:
Technical Support:

UKForex website:

Transfer money to India takes 2-3 days to get there.

Transfer money to USA takes 2-5 days to get there.

Transfer money to Australia takes 2-3 days to get there.

No transaction fees for £3,000 or more. For amounts below this, a simple £7 fee to be applied.

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