UK Approved Tuberculosis (TB) Test clinic center in Vaounde, Cameroon

UK Approved Tuberculosis (TB) Test clinic center to apply for UK Visa in Vaounde, Cameroon Address, Phone number, Opening hours, Website, Procedure to do TB, TB test fees

Address: Avenue Rosa Parks, Golfe, B.P. 13891, Yaounde, Cameroon

Phone: +237 650814372, +237 697275557

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 8am to 5:30pm, Fridays 8:30am- 2:00pm



How TB test will be conducted, Documents required to bring along with the appointments, TB test fees?

1. Procedure to book the appointment for TB test:

  • Call the clinic to make the booking for TB appointment.
  • Ensure the clinic that you will be required this test for UK visa application.
  • To cancel or reschedule the appointment, call the clinic.
  • If you need a female clinician, please mention it while booking.
  • During Peak Season between July and October, wait 10 days to get an appointment for UK Student Visa.

2. Documents required:

  • A proof of identification which contains your photograph. (Eg: Valid Passport, national ID card or Refugee Asylum Seeker Card
  • UNHCR/MHA Registration Documents.
  • Eco bank receipt of deposit in the IOM account
  • TB test fee.
  • If you had TB previously, bring medical certificate or x-ray results.

3. TB Test fees in the Central African Republic

  • Below 11 years: 70 USD
  • 11 year and above: 120 USD
  • Test fees are paid in XAF using the UN Exchange.
  • Test fee is only applicable for TB test.
  • Pay the cost of your TB test directly  to the clinic.
  • The fee is non refundable if the person has positive result or decides not to travel to UK or if their visa gets refused.

4. TB Test Payment

  • Tb test must be paid to the IOM account at Ecobank.
  • Account name: International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • Branch name: EcoBank
  • Account number: 26011 – 0132602482401 – 93

On the bank deposit slip, in the box “Reason for deposit”, write: MH.0019.

5. Step-by-Step Examination Procedures:

  • Medical Examination will be processed on Monday – Friday .
  • All Visa applicants should be present in the clinic with the required identification documents.
  • You’ll be initially examine and comprise of a Counselling Session and signing of consent.
  • Applicants below 11 years old undergo a Medical Examination by the Physician before of Certificate issued.
  • Applicants 11 years old and above will have to take Chest X-ray and be reviewed by the Doctor with the Chest X-ray result.
  • Before issuing a certificate, additional Diagnostic procedures (sputum Smears And Cultures) will be applied in case of Abnormal Chest X-ray results and will take up to 8 weeks to the Final Result.
  • If the result is considered free of active Pulmonary TB, then Clearance Certificate will be issued to the applicant on the Day of Examination.
  • If you fail to return within 7 days for Sputum Collection, you will forfeit the chance to obtain a TB Clearance Certificate.
  • If the test results are abnormal but the abnormality is not related to TB disease, the applicants will be advised for further testing or follow up with the applicants own health care provider as needed.
  • The TB clearance certificate expires 6 months from the chest x-ray date for applicants who have had a chest x-ray done, or 6 months from the physical examination date for applicants for whom a chest x-ray is not applicable/done.
  • The TB clearance Certificate will be valid for 3 months for the applicants who have been in contact with a family member with active pulmonary TB.
  • Please note that female applicants of childbearing age may be requested to undergo a pregnancy test, in case there is uncertainty as to whether they may be currently pregnant.
  • Pregnant applicants may opt not to get a chest x-ray done and instead either give sputum for TB testing done on 3 consecutive mornings or postpone the TB screening until after delivery.

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