State Bank Of India in King Street, London 1

State Bank Of India in King Street, London

About State Bank of India

State Bank of India began its operations in 1 July 1955. It apparently is the largest state-owned banking and financial services company in India. The State Bank Group, with over 16,000 branches, has the largest banking branch network in India. Its also considered as the best bank even abroad, having around 130 branches overseas.


Find State Bank Of India in King Street, London address, number,  website, Location, Opening hours, customer service number details etc here:

Address: 15-17 King Street, London EC2V 8EA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7454 4300

 Opening Hours

Sunday  –Closed

Monday  – 9AM- 4PM

Tuesday  – 9AM- 4PM

Wednesday   –  9AM- 4PM

Thursday  –  9AM- 4PM

Friday   –  9AM- 4PM

Saturday   –  Closed


  • Free cash withdrawals from any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo1
  • Over 40,350* ATMs in the UK
  • Online transactions where the merchant has the MasterCard SecureCode facility (register your card at MasterCard SecureCode)

Customer Service

If you are calling from UK: 0800 532 532

From outside of UK: +44 207 454 4338

Services offered by State Bank of India in UK

State bank of India offers various services/facilities in United Kingdom as follows for personal, business and corporates:

Personal: 3 Different Types of Account: Savings and current account

Business: Current account, Instant access savings account, loans,

Corporate: Trading, loans, syndication, treasury

Other services: Fixed deposits, remittance account, young savers (account for a child), borrowing, NRI services: Home loans and others

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One thought on “State Bank Of India in King Street, London

  • Dipak Kundu

    I am locked on my internet banking. I have been trying to contact your office via 0800 535532 quite a few times. Every time a message tells ‘…in 5 minutes’ and after a few times, I was in touch with one adviser, probably called Daibik (?) and was leading to a result but all on a sudden it was cut off. The other tries, after that 5 minutes got cut off automatically, the reason of which is bewildering. Now I cannot get through at all even after a few tries. I tried to reset the password. The system accepted the new PW but asked me to contact the customer service. The things are a little different than the similar services offered by 2 local banks I deal with. Can someone get in touch with me on 07877 818463 please to resolve the issue? Thanks.