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Sittingbourne Register Office UK Customer Care Phone number, Address, Website

In Sittingbourne Register Office, you can register all life events which are births, adoptions, marriages, civil partnerships and deaths. You should make an appointment directly by post or phone or online using the below contact details:

Registrars: General enquiries and death registrations

Sittingbourne Contact

Sittingbourne Register Office address: Milton Place, Avenue of Remembrance,
Sittingbourne, ME10 4DE

Sittingbourne Register office Website:

Full contact details for Registrars: General enquiries and death registrations

How to register a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership in Sittingbourne,  UK?

  • You can choose to have a basic Registration of Marriage. Please note that if you are planning to have just a registration of marriage for the statutory fee of £46, this is carried out in a small room at a Register Office. Only 2 witnesses and 2 guests are allowed to attend and it does not include a Kentish Ceremony.
  • Kent County Council (KCC) is responsible for providing civil partnerships in the county of Kent and the London Borough of Bexley and for licensing venues where these ceremonies may be celebrated.


Wedding / Marriage Ceremony Prices in Sittingbourne, UK Registry office

Ceremony fees Pls Visit here

Booking Fees

01/04/2022 to 31/03/2023
Booking confirmation fee (non-refundable) £75

Legal Preliminaries

01/04/2022 to 31/03/2023
Notice of marriage or civil partnership must be given in a Register Office £35.00
(separate notice must be given by both parties)
If you are a non-EEA national and fall within scope of the Immigration Act £47.00
2014 referral scheme (fee applicable to both parties)

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