Post Office Travel Money Card, UK: Benefits, Accepted Currencies, How to order travel card / Track / Report Lost or Stolen?

Post Office Travel Money Card, UK

Travel Money Card is handy to have if you’re travelling and want to keep your money safe. You can decide how much currency you want to add and then use it for spending or withdrawing cash abroad (or buying online in a foreign currency).

Benefits of Travel Money Card

  • Safe-to-use, pre-paid, reloadable, multi-currency card which is not linked to your bank account
  • No charges when you spend abroad (balance available of a local currency supported by the card)
  • Make contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay™ payments
  • Manage your account and top up or freeze your card easily with our Travel app.

Which Currencies can be loaded on the Travel Card?

Your card can load upto 22 currencies at once, but they can only be loaded one at a time. You can load the currency of the country that you’re travelling to. For non offered currency, you may load pounds Sterling on to your card.

Australian dollars Polish zloty
Canadian dollars pounds Sterling
Chinese yuan Saudi riya
Czech koruna Singapore dollar
Danish kroner South African rand
Eurol Swedish krona
Hong Kong dollar Swiss francs
Hungarian forint Thai baht
Japanese yen Turkish lira
New Zealand dollars UAE dirham
Norwegian krone US dollars

Where you can use your Travel Money Card?

  • You can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted. (shops, restaurants and bars etc.)

Where did the Card not works?

  • Unmanned petrol pumps, toll booths, Car hire & Hotel deposits and on board cruise ships or aeroplanes.

How to Order Travel Money Card in UK?

  1. Visit Order Travel Money Card
  2. Order your card: Through online, via the app or pick one up in branch and load it with any of the 22 currencies it holds.
  3. Activate it: Cards ordered online and in-app should arrive within 2-3 working days. You can activate it by the instructions given in your welcome letter.

Where to contact about Travel Card Transactions or Manage?

For enquiries regarding transactions or managing your card online or via the app, call:
0207 937 0280

How to Log in Travel Money Card Account, UK?

You may manage your card by Log into your online account to top up your Travel Money Card, view your transactions from one place.

  1. Visit Travel Money Card Account
  2. Enter your Email / password.

How to create an Online Account?

  • Visit Online Account
  • Enter the Card Number
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Click “Submit”.

How to Manage your Post Office Travel Money Card through App?

You can Order, top up and view the balance of your Travel Money Card and transfer leftover currency funds to a new currency of your choice.

How to get PIN / Change Travel Money Card PIN?

  • You can get your PIN by downloading the free Post Office Travel app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Create an account
  • Check your PIN wherever you are.
  • You can contact Automated line: +44 (0)20 7937 0280 and select Option 1.
  • You can change the PIN only at UK ATM’s which accept Mastercard and offer the PIN change facility.

Shall we withdraw money from ATM’s using Travel Money Card?

  • Yes you can. You can use any ATM that’s accepts Mastercard.

How you can Track your balance?

  • You can check your balance through post Office Travel Mobile app.
  • ATM’s are not recommended to check your balance because they provide a GBP figure using a different exchange rate.

How to use Post Office Travel Money Card for Holidays?

You can use the card to,

  1. Top up and manage your Travel Money Card
  2. Buy travel insurance and check it on the move
  3. Book holiday extras like airport hotels and parking.

Go cashless with our prepaid, contactless Mastercard® that holds up to 22 currencies. Simple and secure holiday spending you can manage in-app.

What to do, if you’ve left money on your Card?

  1. You can leave the money on your card for your next holiday.
  2. Visit any Post Office branch and withdraw the balance over the counter in Sterling. Daily withdrawal limit of £300 per day.
  3. Spend your money in the UK as normal. Your money will be moved to Sterling every time you pay for something. No fees applies.
  4. You may also call for a refund.You’ll get a better exchange rate by spending on your card or withdrawing cash from a Post Office branch.

How to find the Lost or stolen Travel Money Card?

If your card’s has been lost or stolen, you can call to 24/7 Travel Money card team: 0207 937 0280. The card will be cancel and replace it.

Why to Avoid using Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)?

Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) is used in ATM or retailer who offers you the option to pay in sterling. By using the provider use their own exchange rate to convert the amount of local currency you wish to withdraw into sterling. The screen will vary from one ATM or retailer to another.

But typically you will be shown a sterling amount for your withdrawal or payment. If you like to “continue with conversion” — “accept conversion” — “charge my account in GBP” — “withdraw in GBP” or  “withdraw in sterling”.

By choosing any of these options will be unfavourable and will cost you money, especially if you have already loaded the local currency onto a prepaid currency card such as the Post Office Travel Money Card.

What will happen when Dynamic currency conversion?

You will use DCC in many countries around the world, but be careful if you are using ATM’s in either Spain, Greece, Portugal, Croatia or Thailand. If you’re using an ATM or spending on your card abroad, always choose to withdraw or spend in the local currency.

To avoid currency conversion fees abroad, always choose ‘local currency’ whether you’re withdrawing cash from an international ATM or spending on a prepaid travel money card.

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