London Metropolitan Police – UK 3

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) or the Met polices services the Greater London excluding the City of London.

Information and services provided by London Metropolitan Police

  • Advice and information
  • Crime prevention
  • Stats and data
  • Accessing information (FOI)

Met Police Careers:

Report a road traffic incident

To report any type of incident happened in road, please contact here

UK Anti-Terrorism Hotline

If you suggest anything related to terrorist activity, please report to the Anti-terrorist hotline

Anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321

If you want to report a crime or suspicious behaviour, please contact Crimestoppers via

Stay anonymous – Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

Report Lost and Found

If you have lost anything or found anything, please report to met police lost and found property

Contact met police on social media


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3 thoughts on “London Metropolitan Police – UK


    so the dictating government we have issued a Dnotice to stop the demostations outside white hall downing street being reported,your all to young to remember ww2 ,adolf hitler did this in Germany in the 1930s why are you all so corrupt anti democracy and freedom of speech why do we now live in a police state,our families fought died suffered in 2 world wars for freedom and democracy and you disrespectfull in denial ,don’t like the truth have dishonoured them,BUT THEN NON OF YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT HONOUR RESPECT AND LOYALTY TO QUEEN AND COUNTRY,INSTEAD YOU WORSHIP THE DICTATOR TERSA MUSLIM MAY YOU AREALL A DISGRACE TO THE QUEENS UNIFORM YOU ARE WEARING WAR IS ABOUT TO START IN THIS COUNTRY ,LISTENING TO PEOPLE TALK BECAUSE WE HAVE NO RIGHTS ANY MORE BECAUSE OF DICTATOR CURRUPT TERSA MAY,NOONE HAS ANY RESZPECT FOR THE POLICE ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU ONLY ENFORCE THE LAW AGAINST ENGLISH IRISH WELSH AND SCOTS ,WHILE IMMIGRANTS CAN GROOM RAPE KILL STAB SMASH TOWNS A PROPERTY UP WITH BASE BALL BATS IN OUR CITYS AS THEY HAVE BEEN DOING NOW IN THIER HUNDREDS IN ALL OUR MAJOR TOWNS AND CITYS FOR A MONTH NOW AND YOU THE POLICE ARRESTED NON OF THEM

  • John Power

    Enforce the laws against Muslim criminals and Imams and all of these ungodly bastards. Bunch of goddamn cowards you are . Concentrate on Tommy Robinson instead of these Jihadi newcomers? You cops make me sick. Put these muslims in their place. don’t cover up for these rapist scumbags. Get out their and do your jobs you pussies. all muslims must be deported get the hell on it. No more covering for muslims. Lock em up deport em ,kill em NOW.

  • Youthlink England & Wales

    Sent on behalf of the Youthlink organisation. Re Notting Hill Carnival.
    The police are to be commented by the way in which they concentrate on keeping people safe and do not stir up tension by their policy of ignoring trivial matters like littering and urinating and swearing.

    There is indeed a very high risk of crowds being crushed. 4 young adults were at the carnival in 1997 and trying to get past a big crowd near some loud music. People were pushing to get in both directions. Then something caused the crowd to surge and they were very nearly crushed. Yet right beside them was a small alley escape route that had been blocked off with a metal barricade and manned by three men in reflective jackets. The men claimed that the council ordered it to be blocked off to prevent possible littering and urinating. However that can be cleaned in 10 minutes by a man or woman with a broom and bucket of water but you cannot revive thosw who have been crushed to death.

    It would be a disaster to move the carnival to a park. However, it is has to be moved why not move it to the same route as the London Pride Parade that attracts a similar number and has minimal problems? The properties adjacent to the route are mostly closed at
    weekends and the static bits could go in and around Trafalgar Square and / or on the embankment.

    I have sent several emails like this on behalf of a national youth organisation to the Met and to Kensington & Chelsea council but both ignore them.