London Metropolitan Police – UK 1

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) or the Met polices services the Greater London excluding the City of London.

Information and services provided by London Metropolitan Police

  • Advice and information
  • Crime prevention
  • Stats and data
  • Accessing information (FOI)

Met Police Careers:

Report a road traffic incident

To report any type of incident happened in road, please contact here

UK Anti-Terrorism Hotline

If you suggest anything related to terrorist activity, please report to the Anti-terrorist hotline

Anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321

If you want to report a crime or suspicious behaviour, please contact Crimestoppers via

Stay anonymous – Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

Report Lost and Found

If you have lost anything or found anything, please report to met police lost and found property

Contact met police on social media


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