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HSBC banks UK

Newcastle Upon Tyne
















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    On 3/11/2020 at about 1530 Hours i phoned your number 00441226261010 and spoke to an Indian Gentleman after a considerable wait and after pw identification I told him I wanted to transfer a certain sum of money to Pretoria RSA from my account in Cirencester.I was told by an this gentleman that he could not do a large transfer as i wished and offered to transfer a lesser amount.I refused as i believed i was fully entitled to transfer the sum requested to this country.The money was mine and in your bank in my account.The money was an inheritance.This man then after holding me up for a further 10 or so minutes brought another indian man by the name of Jonathan De Souza on line.He told me he had been working in foreign currency for 8 years.He told me that he could transfer six amounts to total requested every 5 days starting 5/11 finishing the transfer on 10/12.I found this very strange and I am extremely unhappy about this. I have never had a bank do this to me before.I would like reassurance from that this was a legitimate deal as my bank tells me they have no problem accepting any amount.Had i asked for a million would i have receive monies for 1000 weeks i think not.

  • Holly Morris


    Reference Number: 21-112-26940

    I am contacting you with regards to the Southern Enterprise Awards 2021, hosted by SME News.

    The research team has pointed me in your direction as a potential nominee for the awards. I wanted to send you a quick message to ask if you would like to accept your nomination.

    Additional information regarding the awards and previous winners can be viewed via our website here: or by phone on +44 (0)20 3970 0031.

    If you’re happy to be considered or would like further information, you can contact me directly at


    Holly Morris