How to request a new bus shelter or stop pole? Procedure, documents required, Cost

What are the services available for West Midlands Bus?

Processing Time: 15 minutes

  • Install a new pole
  • Replace a shelter with a pole
  • Replace a pole with a shelter
  • Move a pole or shelter to a different place

Procedures to follow before applying for New bus shelter or Stop pole

  1. Request must be made through Online.
  2. Recommended location only.
  3. Support and Consultant.
  4. Moving or removing a shelter.

Where can be the Bus Shelter / Stop Pole will be provided?

  • West Midlands: Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, or Wolverhampton.

Who supports and give consultation?

  1. Your local ward councillors
  2. Your council’s highways department
  3. Enough passengers to use the bus stop
  4. 14-day consultation with local residents.

When will be the Shelter Moved or removed?

Shelter moved or removed when West Midlands Appeals Panel and Transport Delivery Committee approves the request.

You cannot make a request if
We are running a consultation or bus network review
The same request has been made in the past 12 months unless a change to local roads affects the area
You do not have local support yet

How to report a problem with a Shelter or Stop through Online?

West Midlands bus stops either have a pole or a shelter. They also usually have a timetable poster. You can report a problem with a shelter or stop through online.


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