How to Pay Court Fines in UK?: Procedures, Fine Costs, Where to apply, Services

Procedures to Pay UK court fines

Court fine is the most common form of penalty for an offence given by the criminal courts. The judge will decide how much the fine is and any other costs you must pay including compensation to the victim of your crime.You must pay the fine by a certain date. You can pay a court fine or charge online or by phone.

What are services used to pay the fines in England and Wales?

  • Court fines
  • Compensation
  • Victims surcharge
  • Prosecutor costs
  • Criminal courts charge
  • Confiscation orders
  • Fixed penalties that have been registered in a magistrates’ court
  • Vehicle excise back duty

How to pay the UK Court fine through Phone / Online?


Telephone: 0300 790 9901 (in England)

Telephone: 0300 790 9980 (in Wales)


You can pay online using the court fines service.

  • Visit Pay Court Fines Online.
  • Select the option (Pay Court Fine / Maintenance Order Payment).
  • Enter the Division
  • Enter your Account Number, Email
  • Enter the payable amount
  • Click “Make Payment”.

List of Court and tribunal fees in UK. How to pay?

Case Fee
Divorce or end a civil partnership £593
Claim money you’re owed £35 to £10,000 – depending on the amount you’re claiming
Appeal a benefits decision Free
Apply for bankruptcy £680
Apply for probate Free or £273 – depending on the value of the estate

How to pay Court Fines in UK?

  1. To pay your Court Fine online you’ll need the Division and Account number from your ‘Notice of Fine’ or ‘Order’.
  2. You will also need your debit or credit card details.
  3. If you’ve lost your notice of fine, contact the court where you received the fine.
  4. You must pay by the date given in your notice of fine. The court might reject your payment if enforcement action has already started.
  5. You must have a valid email address if you require a receipt for this payment, without a valid email address a receipt cannot be issued.
  6. No personal card details will be stored by HMCTS, your email address is required for PAYMENT receipt only and is passed to the payment processor.

Where you can find the Division and Account numbers?

Payment Modes

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro

What are the other ways to pay Court Fine in UK?

  • You may contact the Enforcement Office listed on the notice of fine to pay by direct debit, payment card or bank transfer.

What will happen, if you can’t pay UK court fine?

  • If you don’t pay the fine, the court will take the money from your wages or benefits.

Can you pay the UK Court fine in Weekly / Monthly / Instalment basis?

  • Yes, you can.

How you can check your Court Fine Balance in UK?

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