Guyana Embassy, London 3

Find out Guyana embassy in london, uk address, number etc

High Commission for Guyana

Guyana Embassy address: 3 Palace Court Bayswater Road W2 4LP

Guyana Embassy number: 020 7229 7684

Guyana Embassy Fax: 020 7727 9809

Guyana Embassy Email:

Guyana Embassy website:

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How to apply for Visa Services?

Guyana visa services online

How to apply for Passport Services?

For more details of renewal of an existing Guyana passport, replacing a lost/stolen passport, passport for a new-born, child’s first passport: Click the below link

Guyana passport services online 

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3 thoughts on “Guyana Embassy, London

  • Marcelle Abiola Brown

    Good day,
    Please do advice on the below mention areas:-

    1. I am Guyanese and will be marrying a British Citizen within another few weeks and would like to verify that the union will be recognized in Guyana.

    2. After marriage, can I have my passport endorsed to capture my married name and please do advice on any cost attached if any.

    3. What is the earliest to have a passport renewal conducted? Is it 6 or 12 months and what are the relevant documents necessary to have the process expedited?

    Thanks in advance.

    Marcelle Brown

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