The Gambia Embassy in Ledbury Road , London 2

Find out Gambia  embassy in london, uk address, number etc

Embassy of The Gambia 

Gambia Embassy address: 92 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AH, United Kingdom

Gambia  Embassy number: 020 7229 8066

Gambia  Embassy Fax: 020 7229 9225

Gambia Embassy Email:

Gambia Embassy website:

Gambia Embassy opening times: Monday-Thursday 09.30-17.00, Friday 09.30-13.00

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The Gambia High Commission in UK

Gambia High Commission UK address: The Gambia High Commission
57 Kensington Court
W8 5DG

Gambia High Commission UK Opening Hours: Monday–Thursday 09.30 – 17.00
Friday 09.30 – 13.00

Gambia High Commission UK Phone numbers: 020 7937 6316, 020 7937 6317, 020 7937 6318
Gambia High Commission UK Fax: 020 7937 9095
Gambia High Commission UK Email

How to apply for Visa Services?

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How to apply for Passport Services?

For more details of renewal of an existing Gambia passport, replacing a lost/stolen passport, passport for a new-born, child’s first passport: Click the below link

Gambia passport services online 

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  • Lynnjaiteh

    Hi my husband is applying for sia licence in UK. They have informed us he needs a criminality document stating he has not got a criminal record in The Gambia. Please could you inform us how we can obtain this. Thank you