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Coventry Register Office UK Customer Care Phone number, Address, Website

In Coventry Register Office, you can register all life events which are births, adoptions, marriages, civil partnerships and deaths. You should make an appointment directly by post or phone or online using the below contact details:

Registrars: General enquiries and death registrations

Coventry Register Office address: Coventry Register Office, Cheylesmore Manor House, Manor House Drive, Coventry, CV1 2ND

Phone: 024 7683 3141


Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9.15am – 4.30pm.

Full contact details for Registrars: General enquiries and death registrations

How to register a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership in Coventry, UK?

  • If the baby was born in Coventry but you cannot get to Coventry to register the birth then you can see a registrar in another district.
  • The local health authority or the hospital where the birth took place will notify the registrar of the birth.
  • A death must be registered within five days. However, if the coroner is involved this period may be extended.


Order a copy of birth, death or marriage registration at Coventry Register Office

If you want to get a copy of a certificate for a birth that was registered in Coventry you can apply online or by telephone. We do not take postal applications.

Certificates are usually produced within five working days of making the application. For an extra fee we offer a priority service where certificates can be issued within 24 hours of ordering.

Telephone applications need a card payment. Please have these details ready when calling. The certificate(s) will be posted within five working days. You should allow at least 10 working days for the return of a certificate by post unless you have paid extra for priority ordering.

Costs of a copy of a birth certificate

If you want a copy certificate for a death that was registered in Coventry you can apply online or by telephone. Certificates are usually produced within ten working days.

Order a copy sofa death certificate

Cremation Fees

Costs for cremations.

Cremation type Cost Non Resident
For the cremation of a child under the age of 16 years at the time of death ** 435 £435
Of a person whose age at the time of death exceeded 15 years (** children 16 years and above) £1,003.50 N/A
Medical Referee’s fee (charged separately) £39 £39
Saturday cremation service – adult (50% surcharge) £1,505 N/A
Direct Cremation – Adult (No attendance, including medical Referee fees) £630.50
Direct Cremation with attendance- Adult (max. of 12 mourners) No service, music £730.50

Costs of miscellaneous cremation fees.

Description Cost
The strewing of ashes in the Gardens of Remembrance when the cremation took place elsewhere £126.50
The provision of an approved container for the transportation of cremated remains (poly urn) £51
The use of Canley Crematorium Chapel for a memorial service £412
Search fee in respect of family histories £137.50 (per hour or part of)
The strewing of ashes in the Garden of Remembrance – Cremation at Canley Crematorium £61
Retention of the ashes after 1 month £34.50 per month
Late cancellation fee of cremation booking / Late arrival fee £412
Late delivery of cremation forms £41
Obitus Live Streaming Services (Canley Crematorium Chapel only)
Live stream (at need only) £61
Live stream and 28 day access after service £83
Live stream, 28 day access and memory stick copy of service (add. copies available upon request) £105.50

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