Citibank in Hanover Square, London 10

Citibank in Hanover Square, London

About Citibank

Citibank opened for business in 1812, and since then, has been a major player in some of the world’s most innovative breakthroughs in banking, including the pioneering of the world’s first ATM. Over the last two centuries we have worked tirelessly to become one of the world’s leading international banks, developing new ways to make global banking easier. In the UK we were the first bank to launch 24 hour PC banking, allowing customers to view their balances from anywhere in the world. We didn’t stop there. We have been at the forefront of many innovations and now customers can view all of their overseas Citi accounts in one place, with one password, using our Global View of Accounts Service.


citiFind Citibank in Hanover Square, London address, number,  website, Location, Opening hours, customer service number details etc here:

Address: 3 Hanover Square, London W1S 1HD, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 800 005500
Opening Hours:

Sunday  –Closed

Monday  – 9AM- 5PM

Tuesday  – 9AM- 5PM

Wednesday   –  10AM- 4PM

Thursday  –  9AM- 5PM

Friday   –  9AM- 5PM

Saturday   –  Closed


  • Check the balances of your current and savings accounts
  • Monitor the status of your Citi investments
  • Move money between your accounts
  • Make payments of up to £25,000 a day to anyone on your Citi Online payee list (using faster payments, SEPA or SWIFT)
  • Transfer up to £50,000 instantly to other Citi accounts worldwide, using Citi Global Transfers
  • Find your nearest Citi ATM or branch via geo-targeting
  • Find a number to call us on
  • Access Help Centres and Frequently asked Questions

Customer Service Number:

  • Citi client, please dial:
    0800 00 55 00
  • Citi client calling from abroad, please dial:
    +44 20 7500 5500

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10 thoughts on “Citibank in Hanover Square, London

  • susan jones

    My name is Susan Jones and I live in Ottawa, Ontario which is in Canada. My fiance whose name is Raul Goden lives in Carson City, Nevada US, however has been doing contract work in Cape Town South Africa. He made his way to Cape Town in November 2016. Since the rules and regulations are very different in South Africa, Raul needed money or needed to transfer some money from his account at your CITI Bank branch, but was denied. A lot of money has been sent to Mr.James Hollingsworth so that the transfer could be made. In total, Raul and I have sent 13,000 to Mr. Hollingsworth,he is the accounts operation manager at your branch and has been dealing with both Raul and myself from November 2016 to August 2017, and thought that he would be able to help us. We have not heard from him since August (he is the but apparently, there needs to be more money which we do not have. My fiance has tried to obtain a loan from other sources, but has not been successful. He needs to leave South Africa and has not been able to complete his contract due to financial reasons. Is there any way that money can be sent from your bank from his account to South Africa so he can go back home? I have his contact information in Cape Town South Africa if you would like. It is urgent that you reply back to me so we can help Raul get back home. We had also sent over 4000 to cover the insurance for the amount of money that Raul has in his bank account. He lived in London for a while years ago and that is why he has an account there.

    Thanks very much

  • Martin Huisamen

    Please inform if you can give info on the message below:
    I received an e-mail to the effect that I won money in the German Lottery and the money is being kept at your bank tel number 0044-745-224-973-5

    This is to acknowledge the receipt of your, GERMAN LOTTERY PRIZE AWARD, claim with regards to the payment of your lotto winning prize funds to the sum of €500,000.00. The Online draws was conducted by a random selection of email addresses from an exclusive list of E-mail addresses of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet.

    Your Prize is lodged with CITI BANK LONDON; ensure you contact them at the following address during banking hours only (9am-4pm):
    3 Hanover Square,
    TELEPHONE: 0044-745-224-973-5
    FAX: 0044-844-660-572-0

    Contact the Forex Manager by either telephone or email: MRS. MARY GORDON